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Benefits of ThinkFlow

Discover the potential of mind mapping!

  • Save your precious time

    The research shows that mind map users save 3.5 hours a week on average, and with a bit of practice – even 7 hours a week.

  • Increase your efficiency

    The efficiency of work based on mind mapping increases by 20% on average, and for advanced users – even by 30%!

  • Remember more

    While working with mind maps, you remember 10% more on average than those who make their notes in traditional forms.

  • Work as top companies work

    100% of Fortune 500 companies use mind mapping in their everyday work to boost creativity and efficiency.


What do the brains say about mind maps?

  • A mind map is a very useful brainstorming tool and the collaboration of images with words can sometimes produce amazing results.

  • It’s one thing to read about mind mapping and say “hrmmm, that’s interesting,” but until you actually start doing it, it is just apriori book knowledge and you won’t fully appreciate the technique.

    Sean Tierney http://www.scrollinondubs.com/...
  • The mind map can be applied to every aspect of life where improved learning and clearer thinking will enhance human performance.


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